What did we learn from this

23 Feb

An oft used phrase of my wife ‘What did we learn from this’ neatly applies to yesterday and RISEX 2014.

Well, firstly we learnt that the layout works. That, as an exhibition layout, is a must to be able to justify an invite and please our public. Second, it was interesting to operate. Another must but this time to maintain the last ounce of sanity of the operators. Thirdly and subjective but from comments received, the layout and buildings have presented well which after so much work gives us the incentive and inner glow to press on and finish the layout.

On the downside, we had cleanliness issues. The track was filthy by lunchtime and the shunting locos needed swift & regular turnaround for wheel cleaning. The J94 rather disappointingly suffered worse than the Sentinel & class 14 so spent the rest of the day under maintenance in the colliery shed. The wagons generally behaved, the odd random derailment and one or two sprat couplings to adjust but overall I was pleased with their reliability. Electrically we had a dry joint on the mainline, one of the Dapol signals stopped working (including the LED) and we had a point motor bar throw itself out of the tie bar at 430pm.

We have decided that a DMU is needed just to keep some variety. Much thought and discussion was had and concluded that a service train was most unlikely in this part of Scotland in our period so we are going with a ‘last rites’ railtour coming up from Carlisle. The Cravens unit running this weekend was kindly loaned from New Hey by Andy Cooper so I now need to research a suitable type for the Carlisle area and invest in some headboards.

As for other jobs to carry out, it is still a formidable list with September and Expo EM north the next major target:

Winding gear & head frame & associated buildings to build

Miners cottages to complete & install with fencing & gates

Back scene to invent

Point rodding & signal wires to experiment with.

Point levers & ground signals to install

Loco detailing & weathering to finish

Narrow gauge bridge to / from drift mine to design & install

RT Models Hudson tipplers to assemble

Facia panels for lighting pelmet to buy.

PECO point motors to buy & assemble ready in case the SEEP ones loose the plot.

Install fencing to BR and Colliery boundaries and generally add to the scenic detailing.

I made a video of the proceedings yesterday which gives a feel of how things are working.


3 Responses to “What did we learn from this”

  1. BURROWA March 1, 2014 at 1:05 am #

    Excellent progress and operates well. Look forward to seeing more videos.Well done.Peter

    • Black and Decker Boy March 1, 2014 at 12:38 pm #

      Thank you. We certainly enjoyed the day and it bodes well for future shows.

  2. sed30 February 23, 2014 at 5:18 pm #

    Reblogged this on sed30's Blog and commented:
    Great video

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