Inchyra Mill – further progress with buildings

21 Mar

Progress continues up north with the power station taking shape and looking good. Mr B senior taking advantage of social distancing

The chemicals receiving milk has been dropped on this board just for test sighting, it will actually be at the other end of the layout but another corrugated asbestos building will be built for here.

The power station is based on that at Glenrothes mill and was an imposing an texturally diverse structure, part brick, part glazing and part corrugated steel cladding. Windows are laser cut by York Modelmaking

I’m looking forward to getting this to paint & weather.

Inchyra Mill – chemicals receiving building

14 Mar

Now weathered and test assembled with blu-tac

Small part detailing is next step

Inchyra Mill – progress

2 Mar

The paper mill and environs are taking shape up at Mr B snr (it’s a good winter for modelling).

Inlet sluices for power station and mill feed

The mill river channel is formed and a set of Wills sluice gates have been kit bashed to fit.

Power station mock up & river bypass channel

Mr B snr has been busy on CAD and an order for laser cut windows is in production at York Modelmaking. These will give consistency & better quality (and less hassle) than hand cutting & forming.

Chemical unloading & process building

The buildings are now heading south for painting, the first is the corrugated cladding chemical unloading & process building. This will receive caustic soda deliveries.

New Toys 3 – class 29

28 Feb

It’s been a busy period for new releases, one of which is the long awaited Dapol class 29 (and class 21).

Having been on pre-order since initial announcement over 5 years ago, I had been looking forward to receiving mind and it doesn’t disappoint.

There are two approaches to conversion to EM. One, as completed by Andy Cooper on his North Ballachulish layout is to use the wheel puller to move the wheel out along the stub axle.

The second, as I have tried, is to set the stub axles further apart within the plastic gear centre moulding. To ensure electrical continuity to the inside bearing, Ive cut 2.5mm * 2.0mm brass tube into 1mm wide sleeves and pushed these into the stub axles. I’ve also added insulated washers, 1/8th ID, behind each wheel to reduce sideways slop. Reassembly then using EM back to back gauge and the wheel quartering jig.

Test running suggests a success but we won’t find out for sure until Expo EM in May unless I can sneak the loco on North Ballachulish or Harkness at Ally Pally in 3 weeks time.

New Toys 2 – Inchyra Mill

10 Jan

Mr B senior has been busy through 2019 and track is now laid and wired.

Construction of the buildings that will form the paper mill is the current workflow.

New Toys pt1

8 Jan

It’s been a busy period in the hobby with lots of new toys arriving in the shops.

First up, the delightful PFA container flat from Accurascale

Not relevant to Kirkmellington nor Harkness but a reminder of my childhood overlooking the Calder Valley line. A large logo 56 from GD on a long rake of custard yellow coal containers was always a highlight amongst the humdrum MGR and Stanlow fuel trains (oh how things have changed).

Wakefield show

15 Nov

It seems like an eternity since I got the tools out and did some modelling, a long summer of other interests, work etc but here we are, winter and modelling season has started.

This weekend Kirkmellington is on show at Wakefield exhibition. A fine array of layouts awaits those who come along, plenty of diesels too.

It’s at Thornes Park Athletics Stadium, Horbury Road, Wakefield, WF2 8TY Tomorrow and Sunday

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