Loco roster

Kirkmellington will feature a mix of locos prototypical to the Ayrshire area in the period 1968 to 1973 and based on photos that I have.

1) Colliery fleet

The colliery fleet is a moving feast and representative of NCB and other industrial locos across the UK rather than just Ayrshire.

Key members of the fleet are:

A High Level Kits Barclay 0-6-0T, No8, built by Karl Crowther and finished with Railtec Models transfers

A hybrid ARC models 18″ Barclay resin body on  an High Level Kits Barclay 0-6-0T, chassis, running as No24, built by Karl Crowther and finished with Railtec Models transfers

The DJ Models J94 now fitted with an RT Models compensated chassis kit built by Karl Crowther.


Hattons 14″ Barclay 0-4-0 and Hornby Peckett 0-4-0, ‘Arkwright’ but both need further work to ensure the conversion to EM is reliable.

Sentinel 4WDH. Fitted with Ultrascale Wheelsets.


An Oxford Rail (Golden Valley) Yorkshire Engine Janus 0-6-0 diesel. Wheels pulled out and new bed plate and pickups fitted.

A Dapol \ Model Rail Y3 Sentinel in fictitious NCB livery, fitted with Ultrascale Wheelsets. This is not yet DCC fitted and operates in ‘daft hour’ at the end of shows.


A DJH class 02 diesel (originally built and used on Lydgate). This is not yet DCC fitted.


On my work bench are various kits, a DJH Barclay 0-4-0ST, an R T Models Sentinel post war 100HP 0-4-0VBT and a Judith Edge Kits Ruston & Hornsby 88DS.

2) BR mainline fleet

Ayrshire was home to the sulzer type 2 locos. From the BR Derby class 24 and 25 to the BRCW Birmingham classes 26 and 27. These have always been a favourite of mine and the ability to run sound fitted locos is a key part of the plan.

Two SLW class 24s are currently the pride of the fleet. Numbered as 5034 in weathered blue and 5099 in near pristine condition.


So far I have two class 25s detailed and converted using Ultrascale Wheelsets

D7550 is in 2 tone green with full yellow ends and snowploughs whilst 5263 is in BR Blue.


In addition, Ayrshire played host to the venerable English Electric, Vulcan works built type 1, class 20. 8027 is in plain green with full yellow ends and a heavy coat of weathering as was common to the era. A second, BR Blue class 20, 8073, has been completed and features miniature snow ploughs.


The Clayton class 17 locos is also among the types featured in my fleet

I have a couple of Heljan class 26 and 27s

A Dapol class 29 has been added to the fleet. Wheels have been pulled out. This will be used sparingly as they simply didn’t reach Ayrshire often.

3) Multiple Units

To keep operational interest, we have opted for a ‘last rites’ DMU special operating past the colliery onto the closed \ closing stub of the branch line. These are being based on units found at both Carlisle (class 108 and Derby Lightweights) and Glasgow (Class 101 and Class 105). All are Bachmann and in Rail Blue. Headboards have been created on the PC and printed on card.

4) Guests and visitors

There will always be room for visiting locos and so far I have been able to give running time to a High Level kits  L&Y 0-4-0 battery loco and Judith Edge Kits Ruston 0-4-0 courtesy of Mr Cooper & Mr Edmondson respectively.


2 Responses to “Loco roster”

  1. Tom Smith September 23, 2018 at 3:30 pm #

    does anyone do the Giesel fittings as applied to some of the locos

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