Detailing – Vehicles and Equipment

There won’t be many vehicles on Kirkmellington but that do appear will aim to replicate those found at collieries in the 1960s & 1970s. There is also an assortment of equipment and other items used to recreate the aura of a run down colliery.

  1. RB 19 crawler crane.

I have a soft spot for cranes so bought the Corgi Trackside crawler as soon it was released. I was not keen on the green paint scheme but found very few prototype images on the web to give me an alternative in NCB use. What I did find however was that Ruston Bucyrus had an in house livery of carmine & cream so decided to repaint my model to that. Whilst this may prove to be unprototypical, I am happy with the result.

I have also undertaken some weathering & modifications in adding running boards and a tool box to complete the model.

Corgi RB19 crane image


2. General Vehicles

As with most layouts, these are drawn from the RTR ranges of Oxford Diecast, Corgi, EFE and so on. I look to weather or detail the basic vehicles a little.

3. Colliery Equipment

I have collected over the years a wide assortment of spares, offcuts and scenic details that just needed a home. Mixed with some new purchases, I aim to recreate the aura of a 1970s small colliery with an array of rusting equipment, spare cables and chains and the obligatory timber for lining and propping the seams.


More Photos and details to Follow

4. Cottage Gardens

To complement the miners cottages, I have a row of slightly larger cottages, the home of the managers / supervisory levels at the mine. The larger cottage has been blessed with a small, south facing garden. This is the pride and joy of its owner and is well tended. Flowers, bushes and a neatly trimmed lawn are joined by a greenhouse and veg patch.

This has been achieved using a variety of proprietary items. The lawn is a Silflor grassmat, the flowering bushes are by Mininatur and the plain bushes are tufts by Silflor. The climbing Virginia Creeper vine is also a laser cut kit from Noch. The greenhouse is a resin casting from Bachmann with the veg patch plants being preformed laser cut kits from Noch. To the left side of the garden is a section of highway verge with more bushes and shrubs. In this area are more laser cut kits of Ferns. These laser cut kits are very delicate self coloured paper and simply fold up once cut from their parent sheet. It is the first time I have used these and I am very impressed so far.

One Response to “Detailing – Vehicles and Equipment”

  1. Jonathan Hiscox December 7, 2016 at 5:10 pm #

    Loved the RB-19. My late-Dad used to drive one in a quarry in Somerset (though with a bucket) and on Saturday afternoons after greasing the tracks, I used to have a go (aged 6 years) with his supervision of course! You have got it looking just right, it brought back very happy memories…

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